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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Envelope-Stuffing Party in the afternoon.

0679-10679-01 high-res image
Liz Mortensen with crossed rulers.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-20679-02 (lost: pelz002.jpg)
Elayne Pelz standing, Shawn in background, Christian B. McGuire stuffing envelopes, Ed in background.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-30679-03 high-res image
Shawn Crosby with a weapon and a Dr Pepper, Ed Green with a Diet Coke.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-40679-04 (lost: pelz004.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Lynn's back.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-50679-05 (lost: pelz005.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

Mathom Party

In the evening they had the "Mathom Party" where people bring things they have no use for, but are too good to throw away.

0679-60679-06 (lost: pelz009.jpg)
Cathy Beckstead, Larry and Fuzzy in the background, Christian and Shaun in the far back.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-70679-07 (lost: pelz010.jpg)
Bill Ellern, Anne Morrel.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-80679-08 (lost: pelz011.jpg)
Stan Burns.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-90679-09 (lost: pelz012.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire, Shaun Lyon, Chad Jones.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0679-100679-10 (lost: pelz013.jpg)
Elayne Pelz, Colleen Crosby.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

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