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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Shawn and carCar
0678-01 (lost: car017.jpg), 0678-02 (lost: car018.jpg).
Shawn Crosby and his freshly-painted little black car.
(Saturday 28-Apr-2001)

0678-03, 0678-04 (lost: car020.jpg).
The new OBISHWN plates have arrived. (They were a birthday present from Colleen.) You'll also notice Shawn has put on the red accent striping.
(Friday 04-May-2001)

0678-50678-05 (lost: car021.jpg)
Car at home, looking like it's waiting for "Tron 2."
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

0678-60678-06 (lost: car022.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Christian B. McGuire, checking out the car. Colleen's behind Christian. You can see the paint job is starting to take shape.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

The car is actually painted in various colors of primer paint. Shawn's starting to apply decals and other special effects.
(Saturday 16-Jun-2001)

Red Bull Car0678-08 (lost: car023.jpg)
If they let this "Red Bull" car roam the streets, then Shawn can probably do anything he wants...
(Saturday 16-Jun-2001)

Shawn's car, the H-Wing, parked in Portland OR. (Someone on the street asked "Do those laser cannons work?" and Shawn shouted back "We're from Los Angeles, what do you think?")
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(Friday 06-Jul-2001)

Shawn's car, the H-Wing in Portland.
(Friday 06-Jul-2001)

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