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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Bette Llewellyn, AmyCat for caption help on this page.

Loscon 28 "School Cafeteria" Party

Amy ("AmyCat") Carpenter (of Book Universe, Eugene OR) with "Danny Cat" (Book Universe mascot, costumed stuffy usually dressed as "Daniel Jackson" from "Stargate: SG-1").
(Saturday 09-Jun-2001)

0677-20677-02 (lost: agam109.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Emily Christensen, after 4:00 am.
(Saturday 09-Jun-2001)

0677-03 (lost: agam107.jpg), 0677-04 (lost: agam108.jpg), 0677-05, 0677-06 (lost: agam111.jpg).
Emily Christensen, Christian B. McGuire, Michael Molisani, cuddling on the couch.
(Saturday 09-Jun-2001)

Then on Sunday, the last day of the convention...

0677-70677-07 (lost: agam112.jpg)
Iocane in a red hat.
(Sunday 10-Jun-2001)

0677-80677-08 (lost: agam113.jpg)
Cal Cotton.
(Sunday 10-Jun-2001)

0677-90677-09 (lost: agam114.jpg)
The lady who sold us the picture, and the artist, holding up the drawing we purchased.
(Sunday 10-Jun-2001)

0677-100677-10 (lost: agam115.jpg)
Allyster Sutton and his sister Mina Sutton at the "Congeeks" table.
(Sunday 10-Jun-2001)

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