Maria's New Clothes, Halloween 2001 (Jun/Jul/Oct/Oct-2001)

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0630-01, 0630-02, 0630-03.
Maria Rodriguez and her newest black and red top.
(Wednesday 20-Jun-2001)

MariaMaria0630-04, 0630-05.
Maria Rodriguez and her new rainbow-striped bathing suit.
(Wednesday 20-Jun-2001)

MariaMaria0630-06, 0630-07.
Maria Rodriguez in the kitchen.
(Wednesday 20-Jun-2001)

Maria Rodriguez, about to go to Knott's "Soak City" in her new bathing suit.
(Monday 09-Jul-2001)

Cloak0630-09 (lost: cloak01.jpg)
Maria's cloak, which she made herself.
(Friday 20-Jul-2001)

Maria Rodriguez, in a dress she borrowed from Colleen.
(Wednesday 31-Oct-2001)

Halloween0630-11 (lost: hall08.jpg)
A family of trick-or-treaters. We gave out full-size Pixie Stix this year. The little one in front said "What's this?" and Mom said "Oh boy. Wait 'till we get home."
(Wednesday 31-Oct-2001)