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Colleen Kennedy, Kirsten and Aaron (arm-in-arm), Tapani Ronni, Colleen Crosby, Monica Eiland, Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Pat LawrencePat Lawrence0626-02, 0626-03.
Pat Lawrence.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Chaz and Maria]0626-04
Chaz Boston Baden, Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Colleen Crosby runs across the lawn of statues, while Shawn Crosby takes a picture. Scott Martin and Michael Reed watch.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Colleen Crosby runs to embrace Shawn Crosby. Michael Reed and Scott Martin watch.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby at water's edge, saying hello to the turtles.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Turtles sunning themselves.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Tall bamboo.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

Pat Lawrence and entourage. Michael Reed is pushing Pat, Scott Martin and Shawn Crosby behind them, Colleen and the rest of the crowd follow.
(Sunday 20-May-2001)

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