Maria and Friends Part 9 (Mar/Apr/May/Jun-2001)

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MariaMaria0568-01, 0568-02.
Maria Rodriguez on a balmy March day.
(Saturday 24-Mar-2001)

MariaMaria0568-03, 0568-04.
Maria Rodriguez and a new top. (She went shopping again...)
(Wednesday 04-Apr-2001)

Maria0568-05 high-res image
Maria Rodriguez in a new top that has a lot more material in front than in back. (She does keep buying black clothes that are hard to photograph...)
(Wednesday 04-Apr-2001)

Maria dressed for a sunny day in May.
(Thursday 03-May-2001)

Jeff, Maria0568-07
Jeff Avella, Maria Rodriguez, at Elaine and Dale's house.
(Saturday 02-Jun-2001)

0568-08, 0568-09, 0568-10.
Maria Rodriguez at Pine Hills Lodge in Julian, California.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Maria Rodriguez at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Temecula.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)