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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Maria Rodriguez, Mariel Massoglia, at the Bun Boy in Baker, California.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

Maria Rodriguez, waiting for the end.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

The Bun Boy Thermometer. Tallest neon thermometer you'll ever find...
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

How far is it from the Bun Boy Restrooms to Los Angeles? 217 miles - but is that to the airport, or just to downtown L.A.? We're on the road home - and, as it turns out, running late.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

Mariel Massoglia, Maria Rodriguez. We drove straight from Baker to LAX. We made it in time.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

Lynn Baden. We scrounged up a cart, as usual, by lurking curbside at the taxi stands.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

0567-70567-80567-07, 0567-08.
Mariel Massoglia, Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden, at LAX. Everyone's tired.
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

Lynn Baden, and a sign at LAX that says "On Vacation. Off The Diet."
(Wednesday 03-Jan-2001)

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