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0548-10548-01 (lost: xmas081.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez reaches across.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-20548-02 (lost: xmas082.jpg)
Jocelyn Baden, Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-30548-03 (lost: xmas083.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez with ferret, Thomas.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-40548-04 (lost: xmas084.jpg)
The tree is more empty now. Stack of craft books in the foreground.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-50548-05 (lost: xmas085.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Thomas, Johnna B., Wil Baden.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-60548-06 (lost: xmas086.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez in a new sweater.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-70548-07 (lost: xmas087.jpg)
Lynn Baden inspects Maria Rodriguez's new sweater.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-80548-08 (lost: xmas088.jpg)
Johnna B., Maria Rodriguez and ferret.
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(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-90548-09 (lost: xmas089.jpg)
Elaine Baden, sitting in a proper chair.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0548-100548-10 (lost: xmas090.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez and ferret.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

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