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0546-10546-01 (lost: lynn09.jpg)
Lynn Baden, on Christmas Morning. This is the first picture taken with the new digital camera (Olympus D-460 Zoom). Available light, high resolution.
(Monday 25-Dec-2000)

0546-20546-02 (lost: xmas001.jpg)
Christmas. Elaine Baden on the floor.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-30546-03 (lost: xmas004.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-40546-04 (lost: xmas059.jpg)
Jocelyn Baden.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-50546-05 (lost: xmas065.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Thomas, Wil Baden.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-60546-06 (lost: xmas066.jpg)
The tree, surrounded on all sides.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-70546-07 (lost: xmas067.jpg)
Lynn Baden holds a ferret.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-80546-08 (lost: xmas068.jpg)
Johnna B.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-90546-09 (lost: xmas069.jpg)
Johnna B., Thomas.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

0546-100546-10 (lost: xmas070.jpg)
A ferret.
(Sunday 07-Jan-2001)

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