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The Julian White House Bed and Breakfast has five beds, and is a short walk down the hill from the Pine Hills Lodge.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0499-1Julian White House0499-01, 0499-02.
Julian White House, exterior. [Second photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0499-30499-03 (lost: jwh01.jpg)
Front parlor.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0499-4Cotton Baron
0499-04 (lost: jwh06.jpg), 0499-05 (lost: jwhcotton.jpg).
Cotton Baron Room, has private detached bath with tub and shower. [last photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

East Room0499-06 high-res image
East Room, has a double shower and a fireplace, no bathtub. [photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0499-7French Quarter Room
0499-07, 0499-08 high-res image.
French Quarter Room, private shower and bath. [Last photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0499-90499-10Honeymoon Suite
0499-09 (lost: jwh07.jpg), 0499-10, 0499-16 high-res image.
Honeymoon Suite, clawfoot tub with shower. [Last photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Julian Suite0499-120499-130499-14
0499-11 high-res image, 0499-12 (lost: jwh03.jpg), 0499-13 (lost: jwh02.jpg), 0499-14.
Julian Suite. This is a deluxe suite, it has a whirlpool tub/shower. It also has a little kitchenette with refrigerator and microwave. [First photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Rose Garden Spa0499-15 high-res image
Rose Garden Spa. Hot tub seats 4. [photo courtesy]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

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