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The Pine Hills Lodge and Dinner Theatre is about a mile or two outside of town, in the forest. Has 18 beds.

Main lodge building, seen from parking lot.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Two two-person rocking gliders are just outside the main lodge's front door.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Lobby. They have seating, but not in the form of deep plush couches or easy chairs. To the left is a sun room, which can be set up for a meeting.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Dining room. They're normally open to the public for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but the room can be reserved if special arrangments are made. Dining room is adjacent to the lobby. There is seating for 125.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Outdoor deck, accessible through dining room or from outside the building. There are a lot of nooks and patios and balconies and so forth where small groups can stand and talk throughout the site.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0495-60495-70495-06, 0495-07.
Pub. This is normally open to the public, but it can be reserved for meetings.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Patio outside the pub. It has a view of the front parking lot.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Swimming pool. (No hot tub, though.)
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0495-100495-110495-10, 0495-11.
Pine Hills Dinner Theatre. Please excuse the mess, they're building the set and getting ready for the next production. The room ordinarily can be used for meetings or conferences up until about 4:00 pm. It seats 96.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

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