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Introduction: Lynn and I went to Julian, California to look at the larger hotels and inns. This is what we found...

Angels Landing is an inn on 52 acres of mountain land, about a mile or two out of town. (Not as heavily wooded as the forest that Pine Hills Lodge sits in, but they have a lot of open land.) It is my first choice for a large group, subject to their availability - book early (like 6 or 12 months ahead). They have 16 rooms with 29 beds.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0492-10492-01 (lost: angels03.jpg)
Conference room in the middle of the upper building. Room has several couches, and plenty of chairs and tables for a meeting. Note coffee service next to piano. The conference room is surrounded by six Lodge Suites with a total of 12 bedrooms containing a total of 22 beds.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Lodge SuiteLodge Suite
0492-02 (lost: angels04.jpg), 0492-03 (lost: lodgebr.jpg).
Lodge Suites have two bedrooms sharing a bathroom. Here are two views (one looking in from the outside door, one looking out across the room to the door) of the bedroom on one side. There are six rooms like this. [Second photo courtesy of]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

0492-40492-04 (lost: angels05.jpg)
Here is one of the bedrooms on the other side. There are four rooms like this, with a big bed and two bunks. There are another two rooms with a King and a Lazy-Boy bed.
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Celestial Suite0492-60492-7
0492-05 (lost: celestial.jpg), 0492-06 (lost: angels06.jpg), 0492-07 (lost: angels07.jpg).
There are two "Celestial Suites." They have a king bed, mini-fridge, coffeemaker. [First photo courtesy of]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Angel's LandingAngel's Landing
0492-08 (lost: angels01.jpg), 0492-09 (lost: angels02.jpg).
Exterior of front building. Dining room and office are downstairs, "Lilac" and "Jr. Lilac" suites are upstairs. Meals are available for $25/day (or they can break that out into breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you don't need three square meals a day).
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

Lilac SuiteJr. Lilac
0492-10 (lost: lilacsuite.jpg), 0492-11 (lost: lilacjr.jpg).
Interior. First photo: The big Lilac suite has a kitchen, a bedroom with a king-size bed, and three Lazy-Boy double beds in the front room. Can sleep up to 4 couples. Second photo: Jr. Lilac has California King, mini fridge, coffee maker. [Photos courtesy of]
(Sunday 03-Jun-2001)

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