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Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman. In case you hadn't noticed it in the previous pictures, Steffnee has a bright shiny new engagement ring. 12:27am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Christian B. McGuire and Lynn Baden standing, Blars seated, the back of Pat's head lower right. 12:28am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Lynn Baden, Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman, Christian B. McGuire. Tristan, Steffnee, and Christian are all leaving. 12:29am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Lynn Baden, Pat Lawrence. 1:06am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Lynn Baden, last picture taken before she goes to bed. Blars visible at right. 1:18am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Blars and Pat Lawrence, on their way out the door. The party is officially over. 2:09am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

The old clock on the wall. (And Lynn's new lamp is visible in the background.) According to my camera, this picture was taken at 2:10 am. According to the clock, it's about 2:11. Close enough. 2:10am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

Here's the last picture taken of Chaz Boston Baden, your photographer. I'm about to leave the house and give away the leftovers. 2:18am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

This Mickey Mouse Cinco de Mayo "hat" was a gift from Jeannie Burley. The Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew had been arranged decoratively on the ledge. This is what greeted me at home after I came back from my errand - I'd taken the leftover chocolate cake, cold soft drinks, tortilla chips and salsa down to the night shift nurses at Hoag Hospital on my father's floor. 4:44am
(Sunday 06-May-2001)

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