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The invitation I sent out said: "St. Patrick's Day Party Rescheduled!

We like to throw a quasi-annual St. Patrick's Day party every year or two. It gives us a good reason to wear our green socks.

But this year we're repainting and recarpeting and rearranging our furniture. The remodeling monster has eaten our entire month of March!

We didn't let it stop us from planning our party. We just postponed it a little while.

Celtic Cinco de Mayo

You are warmly invited for dinner on Saturday, 5 May 2001, at 7:00 pm."

People who attended: Tristan and Steffnee, Jeff and Kim, Blars, Jim and Sandra, Bob and Dorothy, Jeannie and Mike, Colleen and Shawn, Sue, Bill and Anne, Pat, Christian, Glen and Janis, Mary Jo, Peggy and Drew, Dale and Elaine.

Mike Burley, Jeannie Burley, neighbors from around the block. They're about to head home. 8:21pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Janis Olson, Dorothy Bullard, Bob Bullard standing. Background: a bit of Christian's legs, Tristan Anderson and Shawn Crosby. We have the "dorm fridge" in the dining room, covered with a variety of different mugs, cups, and glasses. 8:40pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Tristan Anderson, Shawn Crosby, Jeff Bergdahl, Lynn Baden, Steffnee Peterman. you can see the buffet table has hot bean dip in the small crockpot, chili in the large one, "Greg's Mom's Potatoes" (the potato casserole in the glass dish), a pot of Cream of Zucchini soup, a bowl of chopped lettuce, and bowls of salsa and different cheeses (including three Irish ones). Not pictured: the tortilla chips, refried beans, tortillas, and Guaca-Mango Salsa. 8:40pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman, sharing a glass of cherry cider. Tristan holds a bottle of Jameson's for effect. 9:09pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Blars seated, Mary Jo Pelton about to head back to South Orange County. 9:24pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Bob Bullard and Dorothy Bullard are about to take their pot of Cream of Zucchini Soup home. (They took it to Mom and Dad the next day.) 9:39pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Pat Lawrence, swathed in paper towels to protect her finery from drippery. 9:54pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

Debbie Johnson, before heading home. 9:56pm
(Saturday 05-May-2001)

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