Remodeling Monster 13

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Spare Room

0478-10478-20478-01, 0478-02.
A year ago: Here's what one end of the spare room used to look like, facing the closet. In 1996-1997, I had used this room as a home office; in mid-1997, I went to work for a company with a building in the same time zone, and started commuting instead of telecommuniting. This room inexorably turned into a "dead storage" room. This picture was taken on a day when the floor was tidied up enough to be able to vacuum in here. The work table has my laptop and you can also see my test unit in the case on top of the fridge on the right. But the table has already started accumulating stuff, including a lamp fixture of the same type I installed in here and in the living room.
(Thursday 16-Mar-2000)

0478-03, 0478-04, 0478-05.
Where we stored everything from the living room, dining room, and kitchen: Spare room is packed full of stuff. Facing the closet. In the first shot, you can see that I keep my teddy bear ears over the door. In the second shot you can see two primer-white flamingos and a ceramic bunny rabbit, which I believe I received on the occasion of my first Easter.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

A year ago. Facing away from the closet. You can see the shelving units and the desk area, with keyboard and monitor. My laptop would plug into the keyboard and monitor, and I'd work in here. You can see that there are boxes full of stuff stored in here, but there's (just) room enough to work. I don't do a whole lot in here, though, because I have a real office at work. And Lynn and I have found it remarkably handy to sit on the couch with a notebook computer and a phone cord, for things like checking our e-mail.
(Thursday 16-Mar-2000)

0478-07 high-res image, 0478-08.
Where we stored everything from the living room, dining room, and kitchen: Spare Room, packed full of stuff. Facing away from the closet.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

Spare Room

0478-90478-100478-09, 0478-10.
These are some of the bookcases in the spare room. In the first picture you can see three bookcases with books and compact discs. and the science fiction/fantasy books have been stacked roughly in order as they were arranged on the shelves originally. In the second picture you can see the phone jack high on the wall. This was my idea - when Debbie moved out, I had a whole bunch of 2-line phone jacks installed in all of the house, and I thought it would be more convenient to have them high. (I've learned better since then. A low phone jack is just as convenient for everything but a wall-mounted location, and less conspicuous when used for anything but wall mounting.) Oddly enough, one of Debbie's scruples carried through, because (at the time) she didn't hold with having phones in the living room. So I didn't have a jack installed in the living room. It's just as well, because if I'd had one installed high on a living room wall I'd really regret it now.
(Tuesday 10-Apr-2001)

The bookcases are too tall to go back through the spare room door, now that there's carpet to get over. So I'm bringing them out through the back of the house, and back in via the living room sliding glass door.
(Tuesday 10-Apr-2001)

After I moved all of the books out of storage and into their shelves in the dining room, I put the bookcases against the wall and shelved the mysteries there. And then I noticed that I had three matching tall bookcases... So we swapped them out for the mismatched ones in the living room. These three tall narrow bookcases will be replaced by two tall wide bookcases.
(Thursday 12-Apr-2001)

Stay tuned. We're going to have bookcases in here when we're done, we're sure of that. We haven't decided yet which ones.

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