Remodeling Monster 12

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Maria's Room

Maria's room. The dangling stars/lovebeads glow in the dark, as do the stars on her dark blue ceiling (not pictured). Maria painted her room the same color yellow as Lynn decided to use on the kitchen. Maria's room is in particular disarray because she's moving her furniture off of the floor, tearing up the old brown carpet, prying up the old tack-down strips and nails, and putting new vinyl tile down. You can also see, on the floor between the blue chair and the bed, a stack of books that the Esperanza High School Library was discarding, and giving away to any student who wanted to carry them away. The bed was purchased new after we all moved into the house, the chair is a cast-off from Shawn and Colleen, the desk (under the window, covered in books) was Lynn's old computer desk, with the hutch removed, the nightstand was a piece of my grandmother's furniture in Phoenix, and the black bookcase in the corner and the shelf high on the wall were purchased new.
(Sunday 08-Apr-2001)

0477-02, 0477-03, 0477-04.
First picture: Maria's old tile, which came with the house and has been underneath the brown carpet lo these many years. (08-Apr-2001) Second and third picture: Maria picked this wood-grain star pattern from all of the vinyl peel-and-stick tile that they had at Home Depot. Every bit of this she installed herself. Since these pictures were taken, she's filled in the partial edge pieces, too.
(Monday 09-Apr-2001)

0477-50477-05 (lost: home104.jpg) high-res image
Maria's Room. She's almost done installing her new tile.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

Front Porch

0477-06 (lost: home096.jpg) high-res image, 0477-07 (lost: home095.jpg), 0477-08.
The front porch will be cleaned and tidied. This is the clutter we had out here a year ago. (Apr-2000)

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