Remodeling Monster 11

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0476-1. 10-apr-20010476-2. 12-Apr-20010476-3. 12-Apr-20010476-4. 12-Apr-2001
0476-01, 0476-02 (lost: home066.jpg), 0476-03 (lost: home071.jpg), 0476-04 (lost: home072.jpg).
These bookcases in the dining room contain Robert A. Heinlein through E.E. "Doc" Smith. After I'd set up the bookcases shown in the first two pictures, I realized that I had three more bookcases that would match the tall narrow Ikea bookcase on the left. So we took all the books out of the two tall wide bookcases (which matched neither each other nor the tall narrow bookcase), and swapped in the three matching bookcases. Some of the books are on edge, because they were arranged that way on the loose shelves on the floor and then the whole shelf was lifted into place. And we haven't quite reshelved all of the books onto the last two or three shelves. There's room to add two shelf extensions to the top, if we decide we want them. There's some blank wall space on the left, because of the intake vent for the heater. Someday I'll nail some shelves to the wall, or we'll hang a picture back up there, or something.
(Apr-2001 10/12-apr-2001)

You'll notice that the right-hand bookcase in the first two pictures is different than the other two. It was purchased from STØR (pronounced "STOR"), which was a chain of stores that sold flat-pack "European-Designed" furniture in the mid-1980's. (Their radio commercials had two wacky euro-accented characters using words like "foornidura" for "furniture.") STØR eventually went out of business, at about the same time that Ikea threatened legal action for infringing on Ikea ideas such as store design. (And they copied them badly, too; their floor layout wasn't as efficient as Ikea's, and the slide-in shelf wire arrangement used by the bookcases wasn't my favorite in the world.) Ikea hadn't moved out to California by that point, but they did end up buying a couple of the STØR locations and setting up shop there.

Anyhow, the two Ikea bookcases on the left (of those two pictures) are both six-shelf units with an extra shelf-extension on top. (The tall narrow one is "Beech" veneer, while the tall wide one is a different color.) The six-shelf units have a fixed middle shelf, with two adjustable shelves that go in above it and two more for the bottom half. You could possibly squeeze in a 7th shelf, if you had short books (for example, if they were all paperbacks). The STØR bookcase had two "fixed position" shelves, but you had some flexibility in choosing where they went when you assembled the thing. When I first bought them, I wanted to squeeze seven shelves' worth of book space. The middle two shelves were really close together, though, so I just this week decided to chuck the middle one and just have six shelves, like a normal bookcase. (The STØR bookcase doesn't get a height extender, so I've tucked it under the low ceiling in the nook.)

0476-50476-05 (lost: home098.jpg)
Dining Room matching bookcase. If I could just hold the camera steady, you'd be able to read the authors and titles on the books.
(Friday 13-Apr-2001)

Just Inside the Door

0476-6. Apr 20000476-06
Just inside our front door, here's how it looked last year. Apart from the pictures, mail, papers, and so forth, it looks remarkably similar now. The principal change (apart from repainting) would be the elimination of those short bookcases, in favor of the built-ins. (Apr-2000)

0476-70476-07 (lost: home115.jpg)
A view of the entry. The computer printer won't stay here - I don't really want that to be the first thing you see when you walk in.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

0476-80476-08 (lost: home106.jpg)
View from the Entry. Lynn's cheese-mice metal picture is back up.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

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