Remodeling Monster 8

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Dining Room Library Built-ins

0465-10465-01 high-res image
Dining Room built-in shelves. Back wall (drywall) has been painted. Note that the power receptacle was relocated to above the shelves.
(Thursday 29-Mar-2001)

0465-20465-02 high-res image
Dining Room with new carpet.
(Thursday 29-Mar-2001)

The shelves for the bottom half of the built-ins have been painted. In the foreground, you can see that the other shelves for the "piano nook" have been primered white.
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

0465-04, 0465-05, 0465-06.
First picture: Dining Room Built-in Shelves, installed. All we need now is to seal up the cracks around the edges, and maybe a bit of drywall work. (31-Mar-2001) Second and third pictures: The Dining Room as a work area. The "light blue" bookcase (not pictured) will be repainted and installed next to the dark wood bookcase visible at the right.
(Sunday 01-Apr-2001)

The bookcase's second coat of yellow paint is done, and the bookcase has been parked in front of the dining room ledge. In the foreground you can see the legs of the living room end table that we're painting blue.
(Monday 02-Apr-2001)

I had to take the "airlock" door off of its hinges, in order to try to get the bookcases out of the back room. Maria's parked her dark yellow CD tower in the airlock hall, because she's tiling over her floor and needs to shift everything around. At right, you can see the yellow bookcase (formerly "light blue" bookcase) has been installed. I've been putting books on shelves, in alphabetical order. The big push to restock the shelves is yet to come.
(Wednesday 04-Apr-2001)

More stuff piled up in the dining room. In particular, you can see five packing boxes (in front of the built-ins) which are full of miscellaneous books (i.e. not s.f., fantasy, or mystery). All of the books were stacked in the movable bookcases, which were stored in the spare room. (We didn't have room to pack all the books into boxes and store the boxes as well as the bookcases - but we could fit the books in the spare room if we put them on the bookcase shelves.) In order to move the bookcases, we first have to take the books back out of them.
(Tuesday 10-Apr-2001)

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