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Living Room Sofa Side

0462-01 high-res image, 0462-02 high-res image.
Couch, Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez, and the new carpet. (Lynn picked out the carpet and the paint scheme.)
(Thursday 29-Mar-2001)

Living room couch and bookcase placement. The little one-shelf rolling thing is marking the space that will be occupied by a "wide, tall" bookcase which will match the "wide, short" bookcase next to it (and the other bookcases, entertainment center, and four of the CD towers in the living room).
(Sunday 01-Apr-2001)

We have two extension cords plugged into this living room outlet, before it gets covered up with a tall bookcase. The extension cords have special "flush" or "flat" style plugs, so that the tall bookcase doesn't have to be too far out from the wall. As it happens, the short bookcase in front of the ledge (shown here full of mystery books) has to stick out from the wall about an inch because of the ledge itself, so we can easily run the extension cord along behind it. You can see the blue end table with the Land's End catalog, and you can see that we have more mysteries than will fit on three shelves. In fact, the dining room is about to overflow with the science fiction/fantasy collection, and these mystery books will be relocated into the spare room.
(Wednesday 11-Apr-2001)

0462-50462-60462-05, 0462-06.
The living room bookcases are now all in place (not counting the two CD towers waiting to be unpacked and assembled), although I haven't finished putting all the shelves in the tall bookcase I just shifted in here. This is also the precise moment that I realized that the tall bookcase was upside down.
(Wednesday 11-Apr-2001)

The science fiction/fantasy collection (Smith-Zelazny) has established its presence in the living room. The bookcase has been turned right side up and all the mysteries have been moved to the spare room. The blue book on the top shelf is by George O. Smith, the left half of the fourth shelf contains E.C. Tubb and two hardcover Wilson Tuckers; Harry Turtledove's on the fourth and fifth shelf, and you can see the orange Wollheim "Year's Best" books on the next to last shelf on the right.
(Wednesday 11-Apr-2001)

0462-8. Apr 20000462-08
This is what that part of the living room looked like on a messy day last year. (Apr-2000)

0462-9. Apr 20000462-09 (lost: home081.jpg)
A year ago, we had a bookcase at the left end of the couch, as you can see in this picture from the archives. (Apr-2000)

0462-100462-10 (lost: home108.jpg)
Looks pretty busy, we have stacks of boxes of books and an old bookcase about to be decommissioned.
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

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