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Cathy Beckstead, caught mid-twist and mid-blink.
(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

Christian B. McGuire refreshes himself with a drink of water, and considers calling the hotel for a water service.
(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

Susan Gleason.
(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

Someone in the easy chair, and Edward Hooper on the red couch.
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(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

0393-05, 0393-06 high-res image.
Rosie Duran-McKellip in her harem outfit. Note tail.
(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

Spread of sandwiches for the Tea on Sunday. I believe Kim and Sherri did most of the cooking and prep.
(Sunday 25-Feb-2001)

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