Remodeling Monster 3

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Living Room Fireplace Side

Living room table in front of couch. The cardboard boxes behind the table are the flat-packed CD Towers. Unfortunately Ikea discontinued the wood-veneer CD towers, so we're going to paint the new ones to match the walls.
(Sunday 01-Apr-2001)

0380-02, 0380-03, 0380-04.
First picture: You can see that the bookcase in the living room is coming along nicely. The second and third shelves will have humor and comics. On the second shelf, you can see my large P.G. Wodehouse books lying sideways in front of my rack-size Wodehouse paperbacks (Penguin Books editions, mostly). The big fat volume just past the middle of the fourth shelf is a Miss Manners tome.
(Monday 09-Apr-2001)

Second picture: The humor and comic books won't fit on two shelves. You can see the P.G. Wodehouse books are at the left of the third shelf, and the comic books have been split over the next two shelves. The top and bottom shelves are still mixed up and not rigidly classified. (You can see Tom Clancy books stacked sideways on the top shelf.) I'm thinking of having them all be fiction, or (if there's room) fiction and other accessible reading like Miss Manners, James Herriott, and Paul Theroux. (09-Apr-2001)

Third picture: You can see the Miss Manners tome is now on the bottom shelf. I had to slide the flat-pack CD tower boxes (those long cardboard boxes on the floor) to the left in order to get into the entertainment center bottom cupboard (not shown). (10-Apr-2001)

0380-5. Apr 20000380-05
Here's what that corner looked like last year. (Apr-2000)

0380-60380-70380-06, 0380-07.
Boxes of miscellaneous books take over the living room floor. Tactical error: when putting books into the boxes a day or two before, we should have made note of what types of books (that is, what subject classifications) they were. We have to take them all out and do it now, so we can figure out how we're going to organize all the books. The compact discs have filled up the fireplace mantle. (We have about a thousand compact discs in the family collection.) They're all in plastic bags, one shelf (about 15 cd's) per bag. They need to be unpacked and put on those shelves, which you'll notice have all been installed. We haven't moved the second CD Tower flush to the wall yet, because there's an outlet there, and because we need to unpack and assemble the two new CD towers. (And maybe paint 'em - they'll be plain white if we don't.)
(Apr-2001 11-Apr-2001, 12-Apr-2001)

0380-08, 0380-09, 0380-10 (lost: home121.jpg), 0380-11 (lost: home122.jpg).
First picture: On top of the fireplace mantle you see our CD collection, in plastic bags. On the floor we have boxes full of books, and an old "STOR" bookcase which is about to be "retired" (in the Blade Runner sense of the word).
(Saturday 14-Apr-2001)

Second picture: Some of the books on the floor have been sorted into categories, others are still in their packing boxes. We now have six matching CD towers. (28-Apr-2001)

Third picture: More of the CD shelves have been filled. All of the books on the floor have been sorted by category and are in various stacks. (30-Apr-2001)

Fourth picture: All of the sorted books have been boxed up and are back in the spare room. (01-May-2001)

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