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In March 2001, we repainted and recarpeted our entry, living room, dining room, kitchen, and halls. We used four shades of yellow and some blue. The Vista Paint colors we used were Gentle Yellow (entry), Spun Sugar (living room, halls), Sprite (dining room), and Icy Lemonade (kitchen, doors, bedroom*). We also had Vista match up some "Rameses Blue" paint (ledges/fireplace), which isn't a Vista color name.

(*We didn't repaint Maria's bedroom, but the color she picked a year or so ago was the same color we picked for the kitchen.)

In the background of most of the indoor pictures, you can see light switches and power receptacles. We've installed white face plates (instead of the almond/beige ones we used to have). On the receptacles, you can see that the receptacles themselves (the round parts with the three holes) have been painted to match the walls. On the light switches, you can see that we've replaced most of the old toggle switches with low-profile rocker switches. Most of them have the built-in nightlights, so we can find the switches in the dark.

We took the opportunity to also install some built-in bookcases. The bookcases stick out a bit at the bottom, especially in the "piano" nook, so trying to figure out what to do first - build bookcases, paint the bookcases, install carpet - presented a problem. We wanted the carpeteers to be able to reach the floor, but we also wanted the bookcases painted to match the walls without dripping paint on the new carpet. (To say nothing of filling in the gaps and cracks between the bookcases and the wall.)

Thanks to Tim Kepler for caption help on this page.

0378-1. Kitchen full of shelves0378-2. A wall full of bookcases0378-3. A wall full of bookcases0378-4. The bottom halves, and the 'piano' built-ins
0378-01 high-res image, 0378-02 high-res image, 0378-03 high-res image, 0378-04 high-res image.
Kitchen full of shelves (Thursday morning), and three views of the built-in bookcases (the night before). Stacked up in the corner in the 3rd and 4th shots, and in the kitchen in the Thursday picture, are the bookcases that fit into the bottom half of the wall. In the last picture on the right you can see the built-ins for the "piano area," the nook opposite the front door.

0378-5. Removing the 'piano' built-ins0378-05 high-res image
The units are built to come out, and here Lynn Baden and I are taking them out. We're going to paint them and put new carpet on the floor before we put them back in.

In this picture, you can see four different yellows - the colors we used for the dining room, the doors, the entry, and the living room - and the blue on the ledge. (The kitchen's color isn't shown here.) The white is basic primer white, which will be painted over with "dining room yellow." The top of the built-ins has already been removed (you can see it in the picture #0378-4 above). Before we replace it we'll be painting it blue to match the ledge.

0378-6. Brown Living Room Carpet0378-06 high-res image
This is the last picture taken of our living room with the old brown carpet. (How old? We don't know how old, but it was there in 1992, and it had a jute backing which means it had been there for some years before that.)

0378-7. Tim Keper and Sons0378-07
Tory Kepler, Tim Kepler, and Gabe Kepler.

0378-8. Jose the Painter0378-08 high-res image
Chu Cho. Tim and Chu did the painting.

0378-9. The carpet truck0378-10. Carpet and gardener
0378-09 high-res image, 0378-10 high-res image.
The Carpet Masters truck is here! And the gardener came to cut the grass the same day.

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