darcee's Picture Gallery: Drawings by darcee (Aug-2000)

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All pictures copyright by darcee golden, used here with permission. Please e-mail darcee for permission to use these images elsewhere.

Pictures restored with help from Matthew Randolph.

Patrick BecksteadPatrick Beckstead
0615-01 (lost: darcee1.gif), 0615-02 (lost: darcee3a.gif).
Patrick Beckstead.

Tadao Tomomatsu0615-03 (lost: darcee2.gif)
Tadao Tomomatsu.

Richard Costas0615-04 (lost: darcee3b.gif)
Richard Costas.

Pat LawrencePat Lawrence
0615-05 (lost: darcee4b.gif), 0615-06 (lost: darcee4a.gif).
Pat Lawrence.

0615-70615-07 (lost: darcee4c.gif)
John Blood.

Lynn Baden0615-08 (lost: darcee4d.gif)
Lynn Baden.

Mike Donahue0615-09 (lost: darcee5.gif)
Mike Donahue.

Allison Lonsdale0615-10 (lost: darcee6.gif)
Allison Lonsdale.

Joan Steward0615-11 (lost: darcee7.gif)
Joan Steward.