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0556-10556-01 (lost: mariel081.jpg)
Mariel Massoglia in her new dress. Note the shoes.
(Wednesday 27-Dec-2000)

0556-20556-02 (lost: mariel082.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Mariel Massoglia, Lynn Baden.
(Wednesday 27-Dec-2000)

0556-03 (lost: mariel083.jpg), 0556-04 (lost: mariel084.jpg), 0556-05 (lost: mariel085.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez, Mariel Massoglia.
(Wednesday 27-Dec-2000)

0556-60556-06 (lost: mariel086.jpg)
Mariel Massoglia, Maria Rodriguez.
(Wednesday 27-Dec-2000)

0556-70556-07 (lost: mariel087.jpg)
Mariel Massoglia.
(Wednesday 27-Dec-2000)

0556-08 (lost: mariel088.jpg), 0556-09 (lost: mariel089.jpg).
Mariel Massoglia, in our living room, packing for the weekend at Maria's father's house, a couple of days in Vegas, and the journey home again.
(Friday 29-Dec-2000)

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