Weekend in Julian (12-Aug-2000)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0545-01 (lost: julian04.jpg), 0545-02 (lost: julian05.jpg).
We stayed at Julian Farms Lodging in Julian, California.
(Saturday 12-Aug-2000)

0545-30545-03 (lost: julian06.jpg)
The rooms are just big enough...
(Saturday 12-Aug-2000)

0545-40545-04 (lost: julian01.jpg)
There's this cluster of shops in Julian.
(Saturday 12-Aug-2000)

0545-05 (lost: julian03.jpg), 0545-06.
Hinchliff Farms has a shop in town where they sell dried flower wreaths. They also have a "cooking wreath" which is all spices and herbs. (You can identify herbs by what they look like - the sage, the garlic, the peppers, and so forth - or you can just grab a bit from your wreath and crumble it up over your cooking pan. It's all good.) They grow them all on their farm, outside of town.
(Saturday 12-Aug-2000)