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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Erik V. Olson for caption help on this page.

0534-10534-01 (lost: chi001.jpg)
Someone I did a trifling favor for at the airport. I've forgotten her name. (Memo to self: let's not wait a year before uploading a big batch of pictures next time.)
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(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-02 (lost: chi002.jpg), 0534-03 high-res image, 0534-04 (lost: chi004.jpg).
The Blue Line "El" train to downtown Chicago.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-50534-05 (lost: chi006.jpg)
Alex Love (onsite web), and Dina Krause (Facilities Director).
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-60534-06 (lost: chi007.jpg)
'Zanne Labonville, my roommate at the Fairmont.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-70534-07 (lost: chi008.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden with a cookie on the couch.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-80534-08 (lost: chi009.jpg)
Randy Kaempen.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-90534-09 high-res image
Tim Szczesuil and Erik V. Olson.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

0534-100534-10 (lost: chi005.jpg)
Erik V. Olson.
(Friday 14-Jul-2000)

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