Friends of the Family Part 8 (Apr/May/Jun-2000)

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0524-01 (lost: target01.jpg), 0524-02.
Shawn, Colleen, and I are at Target in North Hollywood or Van Nuys or somewhere. Colleen Crosby is examining a garden sculpture, which we decided to name the "Menage a' Frog." You're supposed to put it in your garden, and put a gazing sphere on it. I think it looks like they're blowing a big bubble. (Apr-2000)

0524-30524-03 (lost: target03.jpg)
You can see there's a whole "Live the Dream" colony of fun-loving frogs up on the shelf... (Apr-2000)

0524-40524-04 (lost: target04.jpg)
A man selling oranges off the back of his truck. (Apr-2000)

Kim and VestVest
0524-05, 0524-06 (lost: kim013.jpg).
Kim Bergdahl and a quiltwork vest she just completed (May-2000). [photos by Shawn Crosby]

0524-70524-07 (lost: dinner02.jpg)
We went to El Torito Grill/Tequila Willies in Manhattan Beach with Shawn Crosby and Colleen Crosby.

0524-80524-08 (lost: dinner01.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Maria Rodriguez.

0524-90524-09 (lost: dinner03.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden, Lynn Baden.