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0474-10474-01 (lost: party066.jpg)
Craig Jones, Jeff Bergdahl, and Kim Bergdahl make their goodbyes.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-02 (lost: party059.jpg), 0474-03 (lost: party067.jpg).
Sandra Childress, and Jim Briggs her husband. In the second shot, Sandra grabs a cookie on her way out the door.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-04, 0474-05 (lost: party069.jpg).
Michael Underwood and Sue Dawe Underwood make their goodbyes.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-60474-06 (lost: party070.jpg)
Bill Ellern and Anne Morrel make ready to leave. Maria Rodriguez in the background and Shawn Crosby at right are staying, at least for now.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-70474-07 (lost: party072.jpg)
Colleen Crosby and Shawn Crosby happily gather up their basket.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-08 (lost: party073.jpg), 0474-09 (lost: party074v.jpg).
Kris Bauer helps Mariel pack. Maria Rodriguez sits on the bed in the background of the first shot, Mariel Massoglia is on the floor in the second shot.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0474-100474-10 (lost: party075.jpg)
And now Kris Bauer has to go home. Good night, Kris.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

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