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0472-10472-01 (lost: party043.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Peggy Little, working in the kitchen.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-20472-02 (lost: party044.jpg)
Lynn Baden in red, Bruce Pelz in his shiny jacket, Bill Ellern with a glass of wine.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-30472-03 (lost: party045.jpg)
Bruce Pelz, Elayne Pelz.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-40472-04 (lost: party046.jpg)
Monica Eiland, Tapani Ronni.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-50472-05 (lost: party047.jpg)
Michael Underwood at far left, Anne Morrel on the floor in blue, Chaz Boston Baden in red, Drew Sanders at the back, Peggy Little off in the corner, Pat Lawrence talking to Chaz, Craig Jones in front of the bookcases, Eric Larson next to Pat, Maria Rodriguez at the far end of the couch, Shawn Crosby foreground right.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

Mariel Massoglia sits and eats on the left, Drew Sanders and Peggy Little standing.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-07 (lost: party050.jpg), 0472-08 (lost: party056.jpg).
Shawn Crosby in the foregrond middle, Bill Ellern sitting in front of the fireplace next to Sue Dawe, Michael Underwood, Anne Morrel in blue on the floor, Eric Larson foreground right.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-90472-09 (lost: party051.jpg)
David at background left in black, Mariel Massoglia's back, Sandra Childress, Kris Bauer, Jim Briggs, Craig Jones.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-100472-10 (lost: party052.jpg)
Jeff Bergdahl and Kim Bergdahl seated, Shawn Crosby on the floor, Bill Ellern background right.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

0472-110472-11 (lost: party053.jpg)
Lynn Baden in red, Colleen Crosby, Pat Lawrence, Eric Larson.
(Saturday 30-Dec-2000)

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