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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0441-10441-01 (lost: soll428.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Christian B. McGuire.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-20441-02 (lost: soll429.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire. [Photo by Christian McGuire]
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-30441-03 (lost: soll430v.jpg)
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-40441-04 (lost: soll431.jpg)
Singing teddy bear and Maria Rodriguez.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-05 (lost: soll432.jpg), 0441-06 (lost: soll433.jpg).
Christian B. McGuire, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-70441-07 (lost: soll434.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-80441-08 (lost: soll435.jpg)
Lynn Baden standing, Pat Lawrence sitting with teddy bear, Eric Larson.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-90441-09 (lost: soll436s.jpg)
Crowd of people outside Solley's. Rosie Duran-McKellip in red coat, Maria Rodriguez at right. John, Kris, and John in the background.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

0441-100441-10 (lost: soll437.jpg)
Kris's head, John Blood and Cathy Beckstead.
(Thursday 28-Dec-2000)

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