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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Rebecca Barber for caption help on this page.

0416-10416-01 (lost: soll259.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire standing around next to Genny Dazzo, Sandy Cohen, Fuzzy Niven, and Larry Niven; Craig Miller, foreground right.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0416-20416-02 (lost: soll260.jpg)
Larry Niven, Mischa Coleman, Sandy Cohen standing.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0416-30416-03 (lost: soll261.jpg)
Frank Waller's head, Craig at background left, someone in a black vest, someone else holding menu.
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(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0416-40416-04 (lost: soll262.jpg)
Pat Lawrence with a darcee golden doll.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0416-50416-05 (lost: soll263.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden with a new crew cut. (cf. 29-Apr-2000) [Photo by darcee golden]
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0416-60416-06 (lost: soll264.jpg)
Joyce Sperling and her little friend, sitting next to Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

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