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0414-10414-01 (lost: lasfs085.jpg)
Scratch Galloway, Mike Sheffield.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-20414-02 (lost: lasfs086.jpg)
Sheldon Greenwell coming in the door, Rosie Duran-McKellip stopped at the desk.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-03 (lost: lasfs088.jpg), 0414-04 (lost: lasfs089.jpg).
Scratch Galloway, Rosie Duran-McKellip, and Tom Safer holding a bottle.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-50414-05 (lost: lasfs090.jpg)
Edwin Austin at left in white shirt, Jar-Jar the Piñata, and Michael Thorsen working the rope.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-60414-06 (lost: lasfs091.jpg)
Sheldon Greenwell holding his jacket.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-70414-07 (lost: lasfs092.jpg)
Joan Steward, Mike Sheffield, Hare Hobbs, and a visitor wait in line for a whack at the piñata.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-80414-08 (lost: lasfs093.jpg)
The piñata line: Barksdale Hales, Tom Safer, unknown visitor, Hare Hobbs, and various others.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-90414-09 (lost: lasfs094.jpg)
Michael Molisani about to take a swing at the piñata as soon as Sundance lets him. Patrick Beckstead and someone else are in the background.
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(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0414-100414-10 (lost: lasfs095.jpg)
Jar-Jar the Piñata, Michael Thorsen working the rope.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

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