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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0413-10413-01 (lost: lasfs077.jpg)
Glen sits next to Kris Bauer, reading from a stack of papers. darcee has her head down in the back. Peggy Little has a hand on Craig Jones's shoulder, Scratch, Bob, Anne, Bill, and someone else are behind them.
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(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-20413-02 (lost: lasfs078.jpg)
Peggy Little and Craig Jones, foreground; darcee seated in the back, Bob is still talking to Anne and Bill, and Scratch Galloway in stripes is stretching on the right.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-30413-03 (lost: lasfs079.jpg)
German Gonzalez and Jar-Jar the Piñata.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-50413-05 (lost: lasfs081.jpg)
Kris Bauer seated, darcee golden and her doll, Peggy and Craig in the background.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-06 (lost: lasfs082.jpg), 0413-07 (lost: lasfs082d.jpg).
darcee golden and her doll.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-80413-08 (lost: lasfs083.jpg)
Charles Lee Jackson II and Tom Safer, in stripes. Scratch is behind on the left.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0413-90413-09 (lost: lasfs084.jpg)
Charles Lee Jackson II.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

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