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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0412-10412-01 (lost: lasfs067.jpg)
Karl Lembke and Cathy Beckstead at the front table talking to Joe.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-20412-02 (lost: lasfs068.jpg)
Bob Null in light blue shirt, Craig Jones. Fred's elbow at left, Marty in background left.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-30412-03 (lost: lasfs069.jpg)
Tom Safer in stripes, Eylat Poliner in blue, and Janis Olson. Cathy and Joe are in the background.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-40412-04 (lost: lasfs070.jpg)
Glen Olson, Kris Bauer, Shaun Piron sit together. Rebecca in her red dress and John in green shirt behind them.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-50412-05 (lost: lasfs071.jpg)
Rob Cole in stripes, Jar-Jar the Piñata, and Lucy Stern on the couch; Mark's back on the right.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-60412-06 (lost: lasfs072.jpg)
Jar-Jar the Piñata, Lucy Stern, Doug Crepeau in t-shirt, and Mark Poliner in buttoned-up shirt; Glen and Kris are seated in the background right.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-70412-07 (lost: lasfs073.jpg)
Joe Zeff talking to Karl Lembke. Fred in the background left, someone else is behind Joe.
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(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-80412-08 (lost: lasfs074.jpg)
darcee golden, Elayne Pelz.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

0412-09 (lost: lasfs075.jpg), 0412-10 (lost: lasfs076.jpg).
German Gonzalez and Jar-Jar the Piñata.
(Thursday 04-May-2000)

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