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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Rebecca Barber for caption help on this page.

0408-10408-01 (lost: lasfs034.jpg)
Jerome Scott on the phone; Shawn Crosby and Colleen Crosby sitting on the floor.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-20408-02 (lost: lasfs031.jpg)
Sundance. Visible at lower left: Shawn, Colleen, and Jerome's back. In the background, left: Carolyn in white pants. In the background, right: Elayne and Christian.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-30408-03 (lost: lasfs032.jpg)
Bruce Pelz.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-40408-04 (lost: lasfs033.jpg)
Joe Zeff.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-50408-05 (lost: lasfs035.jpg)
Karl Lembke, Christian B. McGuire.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-60408-06 (lost: lasfs039.jpg)
Michael Thorsen. Behind him you can see the door to the APA-L room which was painted by Selina.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

0408-07 (lost: lasfs030.jpg), 0408-08 (lost: lasfs040.jpg).
Ingrid Oliansky in green talking to Suze Campagna as she tends to her knitting, and Joyce Sperling smiling at the camera. Second Picture: Christian B. McGuire shows them some leg.
(Saturday 29-Apr-2000)

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