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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0377-10377-01 (lost: anniv092.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Bruce Pelz, Christian B. McGuire

0377-20377-02 (lost: anniv093.jpg)
When the party moves on to Elizabeth and Jerome's house, Victoria snuggles under her blanket.

0377-30377-03 (lost: anniv094.jpg)
Pat Lawrence holds the sheep, while Gertrude Russo puts a hex on it. Jeff waits.

0377-40377-04 (lost: anniv095.jpg)
The aerial view of Jerome and Elizabeth's living room as the party continues.

0377-50377-05 (lost: anniv096.jpg)
Someone killed Colleen Crosby!
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0377-60377-06 (lost: anniv097.jpg)
Okay, Colleen Crosby is not dead. But she has been caught breaking her diet. I see only 3 food groups here.

Pat Lawrence reclines and keeps reclining as Glenn Glazer and Allison Hershey snuggle.

0377-80377-08 (lost: anniv099.jpg)
Meet Tigger the Cat, guardian of Jerome and Elizabeth's house.

0377-90377-09 (lost: anniv100.jpg)
Sasa Neuman on the couch.

0377-100377-10 (lost: anniv101.jpg)
Jim Briggs and Kate Morgenstern

0377-110377-11 (lost: anniv102.jpg)
Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink smiles knowingly as the party winds down.

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