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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Mary Newman for caption help on this page.

0363-10363-01 (lost: cdr8f14.jpg)
Scott Beckstead.

0363-20363-02 (lost: cdr8f15.jpg)
Thomas Benson, Sandra Childress.

0363-30363-03 (lost: cdr8f16.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead.

Cathy Hunt as "Sailor Venus."

0363-50363-05 (lost: cdr8f18.jpg)
Frances Mack and Glen Wooten ringing up Art Show sales.

And then we left the convention. During the weekend, I'd taken about 250 pictures of about 150 people. Surprisingly enough, that wasn't everyone at the con - not quite half of the attendees. The interesting thing, though, was that for the most part I was taking pictures of people I recognized, or who recognized me.

The rest of the pictures were people who caught my eye in some other way - such as by wearing an interesting costume, or falling asleep in the lobby (I had to be careful when I lightly put the sticker on his badge so as not to wake him). It was like half of the people there were almost invisible to me.

Of course, the fact that it really slowed me down to write down their name, give them a sticker, give them a card with on it, and explain myself, meant that I wasn't cutting a swift and wide swath through San Diego fandom. I would like to meet the rest of the convention, someday, though. I'll be back next year, selling Loscon 28 memberships and throwing a party - look for me then if not before.

Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Chaz Boston Baden. We've stopped for lunch on our way home.

0363-70363-07 (lost: cdr8f20.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Shawn Crosby.

0363-80363-08 (lost: cdr8f21.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Kim Bergdahl.

Car with "Tawanda" license plate.

0363-100363-10 (lost: cdr8f13.jpg)
Warner Store at University Town Center in La Jolla.

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