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To me, the Con Suite seemed like a mass of contradictions - it was in a small bedroom or parlor, apparently part of a larger suite. It seemed smaller than my own sleeping room, but that may have been just how it was used. It was held in a two-room suite, but only one room was actually used by the convention (including prep and storage). It certainly was a break from previous Con-Dor traditions.

There didn't seem to be a lot of budget spent on soda, but there was real meat and eggs at breakfast. There was a big bucket for donations, but the con suite hostess was heard bragging about having enough money in the budget for real meals. I didn't find it a very welcoming place. I'm not sure why the convention chose to make it so different from last year. Rob ran it last year, if memory serves -- why didn't anyone look at how he did it, and compare it to how this year's room and budget were allocated?

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Barbara Payne for caption help on this page.


0362-10362-01 (lost: cdr8f01.jpg)
Two-liter bottles of soda were kept in a big plastic trash can full of water. (Someone came in shortly thereafter with a cooler full of ice. The cans of "Boost" were a donation from a party the night before.)
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Pat Wahl cooking polish sausage on a propane stove. Note begging bucket in foreground.

0362-30362-03 (lost: cdr8f03.jpg)
There appears to be a shortage of trashcans, and also no separate storage or prep area.

I've heard that the bedroom was used for sleeping, not storage or prep. Why is the convention giving away rooms to anyone who isn't a guest of honor? (If the hotel provides comped rooms to the convention, shouldn't you use them for storage, an office, re-sell them to the committee, something like that?) What happened when the con suite head stood up at a concom meeting and said, "This is how I'm going to run the con suite?" What happened when she turned in her receipt for the propane stove? Why didn't anyone on the committee -- anyone at all -- wander into the room during the convention and say to themselves, "This is seriously broken, and we have to fix it?" (I probably would have given up my party suite if they'd told me that they were relocating the con suite there and putting someone else in charge of it.)

There's no shortage of people in southern California who are competent to run a Con Suite. Kris and Rebecca were both at Con-Dor. Eylat and Michael are also known for working on Con Suites in recent memory. (Eylat's even stated that she wants to run all the Con Suites she can, because she wants plenty of experience to tackle a Worldcon's Con Suite someday.) And there were plenty of con chairs at Con-Dor - Shaun, Alec, Darrel, and Bruce, just to name four. So finding out who's good at doing what is a straightforward process.

0362-04 (lost: cdr8f04.jpg), 0362-05 (lost: cdr8f05.jpg).
Mark Coral, Dan Treinen from Otherworlds.

0362-60362-06 (lost: cdr8f07.jpg)
Lynn Maudlin, Kate Morgenstern.

0362-70362-07 (lost: cdr8f08.jpg)
Bridget Landry, Bruce Briant.

0362-80362-08 (lost: cdr8f09.jpg)
David Ross, Marty Massoglia.

0362-90362-09 (lost: cdr8f10.jpg)
Miranda Hall, Lucia K.B. Hall.

0362-100362-10 high-res image
Sue Dawe.

0362-110362-11 (lost: cdr8f12.jpg)
Jefferson P. Swycaffer, Wolf Klauschie.

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