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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Mary Q. Smith for caption help on this page.

Macarooned in Real Time: Downstairs in Function Space

0361-10361-01 (lost: cdr8e58.jpg)
Kat Hedges, Kris Bauer, Michael Molisani, Darrel L. Exline, Charles Herbig.

0361-20361-02 (lost: cdr8e59.jpg)
Charles Herbig, Kat Hedges in background, Kris Bauer.

0361-30361-03 (lost: cdr8e61.jpg)
Mary Q. Smith, Russell Hedges. They're singing "There's NO Nazis like SHOW Nazis" and "Hello, Nazis, well Hello, Nazis" for the little green Busby Berkeley Nazi army men. The sign says "ShhCon 2K - It's just gonna get louder."

0361-40361-04 (lost: cdr8e62.jpg)
Busby Berkeley view of the green army men performing "Springtime for Hitler."

Rilla Heslin of Windbourne. It's 2:00 am, and the filkers are still up.

0361-60361-06 (lost: cdr8e64.jpg)
Karen Rodgers of Windbourne.

0361-70361-07 (lost: cdr8e65.jpg)
Rod O'Riley.

0361-80361-08 (lost: cdr8e66.jpg)
Miya Fujimoto.

After we shut down the party and cleaned up the Cardiff room as best we could, some of us changed into bathing suits and went out to the jacuzzi. We had heard, before the convention, that the con would have 24-hour access to the pool area, so we were looking forward to a late-night soak. The hot tub wasn't very hot, though. Did the hotel turn it off at night? Were we not supposed to be out there? Should we have complained? To whom?

0361-90361-09 (lost: cdr8f06.jpg)
Tony Benoun doing the "ShhCon 2K" salute. ("It's just gonna get louder.") Colleen Crosby at right.

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