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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Colleen Crosby, Drew Sanders, Rainy Smyth for caption help on this page.

0355-10355-01 (lost: cdr8e03.jpg)
Loscon 27 party: Shaun Lyon, Elayne Pelz, Tony Benoun with camera, Doug Lathrop.

0355-20355-02 (lost: cdr8e02.jpg)
Loscon 27 party: Doug Lathrop in foreground, Michael Molisani, Suze Campagna, Diana Dougherty on bed.

0355-30355-03 (lost: cdr8e07.jpg)
Pearl Stickler, John Hart in the lobby, which doubles as the Masquerade Green Room.

Cathy Hunt as "Ember" from Elfquest.

0355-50355-05 (lost: cdr8e01.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl in our party room.

0355-60355-06 (lost: cdr8e04.jpg)
Shawn Crosby, Sue Dawe, Sandra Deakins.

0355-70355-07 (lost: cdr8e05.jpg)
Sue Dawe, Sandra Deakins.

0355-80355-08 (lost: cdr8e15.jpg)
Charles Herbig, Dave Meyers, Sandra Deakins.

0355-90355-09 (lost: cdr8e16.jpg)
Charles Herbig having difficulty popping a balloon.

0355-100355-10 (lost: cdr8e17.jpg)
A calming of Jedi. Shawn Crosby, Sue Dawe, Sandra Deakins, Ed Shaw, and Micki (Ed's gf). Harry Meyer seated at right.
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