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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Colleen Crosby for caption help on this page.

0354-10354-01 (lost: cdr8d35.jpg)
Karen Willson.

Colleen Kelly Burks, Frances Mack.

0354-30354-03 (lost: cdr8d41.jpg)
In the hotel's kitchen. Lots of herb tea.

0354-40354-04 (lost: cdr8d43.jpg)
Doug Lathrop.

0354-50354-05 (lost: cdr8d42.jpg)
James Hay, Dan Melson, Elaine Rose standing; Doug Lathrop in foreground.

0354-60354-06 (lost: cdr8d45.jpg)
Susan Ruff, Diane Granander, Debbie Keais.

Darrel L. Exline, Tygger Graf.

0354-80354-08 (lost: cdr8d47.jpg)
Deborah Wheeler, Rose Wheeler.

Drew Sanders, Kathy Sanders.

0354-100354-10 (lost: cdr8e08.jpg)
John Thompson.

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