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Thanks to Mary Q. Smith, James M. Briggs for caption help on this page.

0352-10352-01 (lost: cdr8d15.jpg)
Ron Ontell.

0352-20352-02 (lost: cdr8d14.jpg)
Ron Ontell, Val Ontell.

Kate Morgenstern, Sandra Childress.

0352-40352-04 (lost: cdr8d20.jpg)
Alec Orrock.

0352-50352-05 (lost: cdr8d21.jpg)
Harry Meyer, Stephanie Mortimer.

0352-60352-06 (lost: cdr8d22.jpg)
Vernor Vinge and Cary Meriwether in the Autographing Gazebo.

0352-70352-07 high-res image
Vernor Vinge, Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Mary Q. Smith]

0352-08 (lost: cdr8d24.jpg), 0352-09 (lost: cdr8d25.jpg).
Mary Q. Smith, Laurie MacDonald.

0352-100352-10 (lost: cdr8d26.jpg)
Russell Hedges, Mary Q. Smith, in front of the Autographing Gazebo where Vernor Vinge is signing books and talking to fans.

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