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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Barbara Payne, Mary Q. Smith for caption help on this page.

0350-10350-01 (lost: cdr8c34.jpg)
Captain Troy D. Packrat.

0350-20350-02 (lost: cdr8c35.jpg)
Doug Andrews (from Otherworlds) standing background left, Barbara Payne.

0350-30350-03 (lost: cdr8c36.jpg)
Barney Evans, Kate Evans.

0350-40350-04 (lost: cdr8c37.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Chaz Boston Baden.

If you compare this picture with my picture in Part 1, you'll see that I've put a white sticker on it over where my name was pre-printed. The sticker says "Chaz Boston Baden." It's easier to read than the black-on-red of the original badge. I also put a similar sticker on the back of my badge, for when it gets flipped over. Otherwise how would you know it was me?

0350-50350-05 (lost: cdr8c38.jpg)
Alice Massoglia, Marty Massoglia.

0350-60350-06 (lost: cdr8c39.jpg)
Val Ontell.

0350-70350-07 (lost: cdr8d04.jpg)
Ron Ontell.

0350-80350-08 (lost: cdr8d01.jpg)
Vernor Vinge being interviewed by William Stoddard during Guest of Honor presentation.

0350-90350-09 (lost: cdr8d03.jpg)
Bruce Nolan in green.

0350-100350-10 (lost: cdr8d05.jpg)
Angel Hungerford.

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