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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Debbie Keais, Mary Q. Smith for caption help on this page.

0345-10345-01 (lost: cdr8a53.jpg)
Diane Granander, Mike Maley.

0345-20345-02 (lost: cdr8a54.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez. Maria was delighted that at this convention, she got a real bed all to herself -- no rollaway twin this time. It was much bigger than her usual bed back home, and she reveled in it. She woke up in the morning sprawled almost sideways across it.

0345-30345-03 (lost: cdr8a55.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Shawn Crosby, Colleen Crosby, Anastasia Hunter's head at foreground right.

0345-40345-04 (lost: cdr8a56.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Anastasia Hunter.

0345-50345-05 (lost: cdr8b01.jpg)
Mary Q. Smith, Ben Massoglia. Ben is showing Mary his rocks -- mineral samples (amethyst, gypsum, etc.) he'd picked up at Legoland. Not much later, Terry Smith was wandering around downstairs, and I asked him if he was looking for Mary Q.? I was able to tell him she was in the third floor elevator lobby talking to Benjamin as of about 1:00 am.

0345-60345-06 (lost: cdr8b02.jpg)
Keith Thompson, Kate Morgenstern.

0345-70345-07 (lost: cdr8b03.jpg)

0345-80345-08 (lost: cdr8b04.jpg)
Kevin Hay, Davina.

0345-90345-09 (lost: cdr8b05.jpg)
Kevin Hay (sitting), talking to Terry Smith (standing).

0345-100345-10 (lost: cdr8b07.jpg)
Adam Tilghman, Elisa Sheets, Davina.

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