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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Cathy Mullican, Mary Q. Smith, Jason B. for caption help on this page.

Bar-Jar. This piñata started out with a Jar-Jar head on a Barney body.

0344-20344-02 (lost: cdr8a44.jpg)
Jason B., Rebecca Teel (soon to be Tilghman).

0344-30344-03 (lost: cdr8a45.jpg)
Jason B., Elisa Sheets, Rebecca Teel.

Keith Thompson, Blars in background.

0344-50344-05 (lost: cdr8a47.jpg)
Keith Thompson. Note the Millennium Balls on his horns.

0344-60344-06 (lost: cdr8a48.jpg)
Robert Rose.

0344-70344-07 (lost: cdr8a49.jpg)
Kate Morgenstern, Eric P. Scott.

0344-80344-08 (lost: cdr8a50.jpg)
Elisa Sheets, Jason B., Rebecca Teel on the couch. Vernor Vinge in the pink shirt at right.

0344-09 (lost: cdr8a51.jpg), 0344-10 (lost: cdr8a52.jpg).
Robert Rose, Mary Q. Smith.

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