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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph and Frank Hood.

0343-20343-02 (lost: cdr8a34.jpg)
Kat Hedges.

Frank Hood, Sharon Gaffney.

0343-40343-04 (lost: cdr8a36.jpg)
Fred Patten.

0343-50343-05 (lost: cdr8a37.jpg)
Sue Dawe. Colleen Crosby on couch in background.

0343-60343-06 (lost: cdr8a38.jpg)
Baby convention - These people were on the elevator when I went upstairs.

0343-80343-08 (lost: cdr8a40.jpg)
Laura Kate Barrett, Anastasia Hunter.

The Goliards: Dave Parish-Whittaker, Janet Parish-Whittaker, Geoffrey Adams, David Brewer.

0343-100343-10 (lost: cdr8a42.jpg)
J'anna Johnson, Pat Wahl in the Con Suite.

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