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Con-Dor has a tradition of putting the fan tables outside. At their previous hotel, the Town and Country, there was a breezeway that was essentially part of the main traffic flow. At this hotel, there was a patio, and all of the fan tables (plus t-shirt sales) were outside. It was a pretty location, and I imagine most people stumbled onto it sooner or later.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0341-10341-01 (lost: cdr8a12.jpg)
Adam Tilghman.

0341-20341-02 (lost: cdr8a13.jpg)
Eric P. Scott.

0341-30341-03 (lost: cdr8a14.jpg)
L. Scott Castillo Jr.

0341-40341-04 (lost: cdr8a15.jpg)
James Jira.

0341-50341-05 (lost: cdr8a16.jpg)
Glen Wooten.

0341-60341-06 (lost: cdr8a17.jpg)
Michael Molisani, Diana Molisani.

0341-70341-07 (lost: cdr8a18.jpg)
Jim Briggs, a glimpse of Elisa Sheets in the background, Rebecca Barber.

0341-80341-08 (lost: cdr8a19.jpg)

Maria Rodriguez.

0341-100341-10 (lost: cdr8a21.jpg)
Ben Massoglia.

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