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Con-Dor is the reason that "Hazel's Picture Gallery" exists. When I got my first digital camera, the first place I took it to play with it was Con-Dor 5, in 1997. I took so many pictures that I had to come up with some sort of way to organize and keep track of them - and this page was born.

Now the Picture Gallery is the single biggest part of There are people that bookmark the page and check it daily, just to see what I've put online. And when Con-Dor came around again this year, I had a new camera. I decided I'd try to see how many pictures I could take at one convention - and keep track of caption information for all of them, too.

At the convention, I handed out little paw-print stickers, and business cards listing my web page, to everyone who I'd taken a picture of and written down their name. By the end of the convention there were a lot of badges with paw-prints! I decided to get them up right away, instead of letting them sit in the backlog. I hope you enjoy them. I enjoyed the convention, and I'll be back next year - although not necessarily with such an obsessive goal in mind.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.


0340-10340-01 (lost: cdr8a01.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden. [Photo by Lynn Baden]

0340-20340-02 (lost: cdr8a02.jpg)
Lynn Baden.

0340-30340-03 (lost: cdr8a03.jpg)
Sherri Benoun background left, Rebecca Barber in foreground.

0340-40340-04 (lost: cdr8a04.jpg)
Rebecca Barber, Kris Bauer.

0340-50340-05 (lost: cdr8a06.jpg)
Randy Paterno, Colleen Kelly Burks at Con-Dor Registration.

Around 6:00 pm on Friday, Registration shut down and disappeared. There had been some talk about moving Reg to the Con Suite -- which, I heard later, would have meant having the Con Suite staff handling badges and/or money, not the Reg people -- but Reg didn't reopen until the next morning. Likewise on Saturday, Reg closed at dinner-time and vanished.

0340-60340-06 (lost: cdr8a07.jpg)
Tony Benoun, Elayne Pelz.

0340-70340-07 (lost: cdr8a08.jpg)
Anastasia Hunter.

0340-80340-08 (lost: cdr8a09.jpg)
Pearl Stickler, chair of the convention.

0340-09 (lost: cdr8a10.jpg), 0340-10.
Brian Schwatka.

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