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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Allison Lonsdale, Rebecca Barber for caption help on this page.

0339-01 (lost: soll248.jpg), 0339-02 (lost: soll249.jpg).
Chaz Boston Baden (chair of Loscon 28) and Christian B. McGuire (co-chair of Loscon 27).
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-30339-03 (lost: soll250.jpg)
Tristan Anderson.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-40339-04 (lost: soll251.jpg)
Tristan Anderson, Diana Molisani in the background, Allie Johnson, darcee golden, Christian B. McGuire.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-50339-05 (lost: soll256.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-60339-06 (lost: soll252.jpg)
John Blood, Kris Bauer.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-70339-07 (lost: soll254.jpg)
John Blood, Kris Bauer, Michael Molisani with black hat, Rebecca Barber, Edward Hooper.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-80339-08 (lost: soll255.jpg)
Patrick Beckstead's head in foreground, Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman, Michael Mason.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-90339-09 (lost: soll257.jpg)
A bit of Diana Molisani's head at left, darcee golden, Eric Pobirs.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-100339-10 (lost: soll253.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu, John De Chancie, Cathy Beckstead.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0339-110339-11 (lost: soll258.jpg)
John De Chancie, Cathy Beckstead, Patrick Beckstead.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

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