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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Peggy Renk for caption help on this page.

0337-10337-01 (lost: soll226.jpg)
Background: Charles Lee Jackson II, Drew Sanders in the corner, Peggy Little. Foreground: Kay Shapero.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-20337-02 (lost: soll241.jpg)
Kay Shapero, Vicky Shapero.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-30337-03 (lost: soll228.jpg)
Vicky Shapero, Patrick Beckstead. Behind Vicki on the right are Michael Mason, Joan Steward. Scott Beckstead, Edward Hooper, Kris Bauer.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-40337-04 (lost: soll227.jpg)
Peter Edick, someone else.
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(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-50337-05 (lost: soll229.jpg)
Matthew B. Tepper in booth at left edge, Tadao Tomomatsu, Diana Molisani seated.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-60337-06 (lost: soll234.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu, Diana Molisani.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-70337-07 (lost: soll230.jpg)
Diana Molisani.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-80337-08 (lost: soll231.jpg)
John Blood, John De Chancie.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-90337-09 (lost: soll232.jpg)
darcee golden hiding her face, and Matthew B. Tepper.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-100337-10 (lost: soll233.jpg)
Godzilla vs. Solley's.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

0337-110337-11 (lost: soll235.jpg)
Joan Steward, Christian B. McGuire, Edward Hooper.
(Thursday 20-Apr-2000)

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